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What Are Building Maintenance Services?

Our range of services are so varied, we find it hard to put ourselves into one category! However, if it comes down to it, we offer ‘building maintenance services’. But what exactly are building maintenance services?

A building maintenance service is a service which is hired to maintain a property or properties. The properties can be residential or business of any size and type and are usually hired on term length contracts.

These services will maintain not just the structural features of your property but also the plumbing, electrical, heating or cooling features and in some instances even the grounds around a property. These professional services are carried out to the highest standards and take into consideration any local authority standards and requirements which may be applicable to each property.

Property owners can benefit from several factors when they hire a building maintenance service and the main benefits are:


An owner will have the option to hire the services for occasional work or to place the whole maintenance responsibility with the services. Either way will save the owner time from their busy schedules and also save them money by using the same service providers instead of shopping around for reliable contractors, at varying prices who provide varying standards


For any business maintaining a high level of productivity is essential if that business is to remain viable. The better maintained a worker’s building and the continuous serviceability of the heating of their workplace has been proven to be conducive with higher productivity as well as affording the staff higher mora


If a property is allowed to go without regular maintenance it will gradually become a less and less safe working environment which could lead to costly accidents or ill health to a business’s workforce resulting in a loss of productive man-hours


With clients often visiting business properties it is important that the property looks maintained to a professional standard as often first impressions are the ones that last. Neglect to maintenance of any property and its associated accessories is quickly noticeable and so by using a professional maintenance service, you can ensure that at least your premises are a visible asset


When a property is not maintained on a regular basis, it can often lead to major maintenance having to be periodically carried out. These major maintenance tasks can disrupt workers and thereby productivity for several days or more at a time. Maintenance services however will work with a business to ensure that any minor maintenance tasks are carried out at the most opportune times for the business, minimizing any loss in productivity and avoiding longer more complex maintenance tasks


Not only will a well and regularly maintained building retain its value but in most cases will actually increase its value. Properties are often one of a business’s most expensive assets and so, just like any other asset, its value most not devalue

Few businesses actually employ professional maintenance personnel and so without a building maintenance service, they will often misemploy their own staff to do maintenance work they are not familiar with and so not only lose that person’s productivity but also receive a less than adequate result.

Any business owner is of course always very busy looking after the bottom line of the business and that can be affected severely if they have to continuously be distracted by the building’s maintenance concerns. Once a building maintenance service has been contracted, all the maintenance concerns become the concerns of the contractor and not the owner, who is then able to dedicate their full time to more productive business.

Apart from losing time and productivity with building maintenance, a business can also save money on equipment needed for that maintenance as building maintenance services will not only have the professionals to use the appropriate equipment properly but will probably have the most modern and effective equipment, ensuring quality and speedy work with little or no distractions to the productive staff or their superiors.

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