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Why You Need Air Conditioning in Your Home

Traditionally in the UK, unlike in the US where there are over 100 million homes with AC units, air conditioners are not predominant in homes where it is estimated that only 0.5% of homes have them. AC units even in the UK though are more common in work establishments and for good reason; they have been shown to improve productivity due to more pleasant working conditions and less employee sickness.

The reason for this is that in the UK people have been more concerned with heaters than AC units which is no surprise considering that on average, up until 2018 at least, 41,000 people die in the UK each year due to the cold whilst only 2,000 die of heat related conditions. This however is due to change.

With the arrival of global warming, UK summers have gotten warmer, as have the winters. Experts now predict that deaths due to cold will diminish by as much as 2% each year but deaths due to excessive heat in the summer will soon increase by 257% to 7,000 if we do not take relevant precautions, such as installing AC units in homes.


As many people in the UK are unfamiliar with the benefits of AC units, apart from the fact they make rooms cooler, they are not aware of the many other benefits AC can provide. Here then are some of the additional benefits of having an AC unit in your home:

Air Conditioning Gives Better Air Quality

  • If an AC unit is maintained properly its filter system will remove pollutants from the air. Pollutants in the air are particularly a health risk to people who suffer from asthma or allergies.
  • In an excessively hot environment our bodies expend extra energy trying to cool us down which leaves us tired and lethargic. This is one of the main reasons work places install AC but this can also cause problems in a home.

AC Keeps Mosquitos (and other bugs) at Bay

  • As well as an AC unit’s filters removing pollutants from the air, they also keep insects from getting inside your home.

Sleep Better on Hot Summer Nights with AC

  • With an AC in the bedroom ensuring the room stays cooler, sleep will come easier and a full, good night’s sleep leaves you healthier and more energetic in the mornings.

Air Con Improves Your House Security!

  • If a home does not have AC, often the windows and doors are left open in an effort to try and keep the house cooler however, if an AC is installed, keeping all windows and doors closed will keep your home cooler.

Air Conditioning Protect Electronic Devices

  • Excessive heat can cause electronic devices to overheat and thereby need repairs. There is less likelihood of this occurring in any room which has an AC unit working.

And it Protects Furniture

  • Furniture can absorb moisture in excessive heat, resulting in wooden furniture warping or leather furniture rotting and excessive heat leads to a buildup of mold. An AC unit can therefore avoid you paying for furniture repairs or replacements.

In conclusion, many people put off having AC units installed in their homes due to the costs involved however, when all the benefits are added, the costs seem far less and the fact they can maintain health and value in other goods, the overall costs seem far less important.

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