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Underfloor Heating

CPMS Cambridge are specialists in underfloor heating installations and have many years’ experience in identifying heating solutions for your home.

Underfloor heating can be used as the primary heating system in your home or as a secondary heat source – for example to take the chill off cold, tiled floors or to add a sense of luxury to a bathroom.

Underfloor Heating vs Traditional Heating Systems

In a room with conventional radiators the temperature will be warmest close to the radiator, but as you move away from the radiator the temperature will drop, resulting in varying temperatures around the room. In contrast, under floor heating distributes heat evenly, warming the floor in the whole room to the same temperature.

Traditional heating systems heat the air in the room first before you feel the benefit, whereas underfloor heating heats the floor which immediately benefits your body via your feet.

This type of heating system is extremely versatile, energy efficient and can be used where space is at a premium (to replace bulky radiators).  It can be installed in most rooms and environments under carpeted, tiled, stone and wooden floors.

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