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Hot Water Tank Replacement

If you are experiencing problems with hot water i.e. no hot water, your water is not heating to required temperatures or you are running out of hot water much more quickly than usual, these could be signs that you need a hot water tank replacement.

Old hot water tanks and immersion heaters can be very energy inefficient, as limescale will build up over time resulting in the heater not working properly.  Cambridge based CPMS has experience in all types of hot water systems and can recommend appropriate solutions.

Our plumbers and heating engineers are all Gas Safe registered and members of OFTEC so are equipped to ensure that your heating and hot water system conforms to all up to date safety regulations.

Unvented water systems are now more commonplace and generally the preferred choice, as they are much more efficient than traditional systems and don’t rely on a cold water tank (less danger of tanks and pipes in the loft freezing and cracking). Unvented hot water systems have a sealed cylinder fed directly from the cold mains and connected to your boiler (or solar panels).

Space saving, unvented hot water tank systems are much more energy efficient and will improve your water pressure dramatically. They are very reliable, easy to install and low maintenance. They also offer a practical space saving advantage in that they don’t require a separate cold water tank.

If you feel that your hot water tank is not working as efficiently as normal, it is advisable to have an expert check it as soon as possible. Don’t be tempted to put this off, as delayed action could result in the system giving up and you being without hot water.

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